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But selfie sticks can sometimes be dangerous – and there’s a growing movement to ban them from certain public places, like in museums and galleries for fear they may damage priceless works of art. Now Disney World is banning them from their rides. Selfie sticks seem to be everywhere these days. Tom Hanks took his selfie stick to take the “Late Show” to take one last selfie with David Letterman. And model Kendall Jenner plays with a selfie stick in a video she shot for Vogue magazine. How dangerous can they be? Well, one woman rode a bike with one hand and held a selfie stick with the other. And a snowboarder wielded a selfie stick on a crowded ski slope. So, who came up with the idea for selfie sticks?

Wireless Selfie Stick

The RS can be connected via a 3. Please check out our online Set Up video: The aim when connecting the audio cables is to get a GREEN light on the transmitter because it indicates that an audio signal has been located by the transmitter.

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Use the Extendable Handheld Selfie Stick instead. It is like the invisible photo taking companion that you always wished you had. At the tip of the rod is an attachment for mounting a camera with a tripod mount or the included adapter for mounting a smartphone. To bring your selfies to the next level of photography, just attach your smartphone or camera to the selfie stick, set the auto-timer on the camera, extend the stick and put on your best pose.

Close-up of Phone Mount Adapter for Selfie Stick Alternatively, you can also use a remote camera trigger device with the selfie stick to give you better control over your photos.

Portable Devices

If you want a true picture of the future, imagine someone with a selfie stick in VR goggles, duck facing it up—forever… What of the selfie stick? A fine recording device to be sure, albeit one that seems to draw more than its fair share of derision and scorn. But it could be so much more!

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Jul 7, at 3: When you are shopping for a GoPro-friendly selfie stick, you should look for a stick that is built tough, with a sturdy pole and helpful accessories like a wrist strap. You should also look for a selfie stick that is waterproof. Ideally, it should be both waterproof and saltwater-proof. This will enable you to use the selfie stick with your GoPro while engaging in watersports and underwater activities.

Taking the time to research all your options can be a hassle. Read on to see five of the best selfie stick options for GoPro fans. Looking for more top-rated selfie sticks for smartphones, digital cameras, or GoPro cameras? Check out our guide to the best selfie sticks , review our list of the best Bluetooth selfie sticks , or see our favorite iPhone selfie sticks. You might also want to check out our post on the best iPhone 6 camera accessories , which includes selfie sticks, lens kits, tripods, and other cool gadgets.

You might want to buy a relatively inexpensive stick at first, and then upgrade to a more premium option if you feel the need. This selfie stick extends between 9. This selfie stick can also be used with other cameras, besides the GoPro line. Do note that this selfie stick is marketed as water-resistant, not waterproof.

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Ugh, the selfie stick is a symbol of our narcissistic society and bane of many. But not so fast the often misused photo tool has great, responsible applications if you follow these tips.

As someone who spent a good chunk of her teen years without a smartphone, I can tell you that life with one is so, so much easier. Just the basic features of a smartphone — like texting, being able to go online, and having a downloadable app for just about every purpose you could imagine — are good enough. But then there are all of the cell phone accessories out there that make things even better.

There are cell phone accessories that help your room smell better, ones that are professional AF, and options that are going to make you an Instagram star. Check out these awesome cell phone accessory gifts to make life even easier. Earmuff Headphones The weather outside is cold AF right now, and likely will be for the next few months. Wearing earbuds or headphones with beanies and earmuffs can be a struggle, so why not combine two of them? These cozy earmuffs come with earbuds so that you can stay warm and listen to your favorite tunes.

They get tangled up in your bag and can easily get lost or broken. Prevent that with a cord holder that keeps things neat. This little pineapple one is too cute.

How do I pair my Bluetooth headset to my phone?

Enliven Your Selfie Time Are you looking for the best iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus selfie sticks with advanced technology and superb design? Explore this exclusive list of selfie sticks to handpick the best option. Dhvanesh Adhiya This is the age of mobile photography at its very best. With the newest iPhone boasting of the unmatched camera, most of us never shy away from capturing hot selfies-whenever and wherever we want. So, if you never want to let go any memorable moments or have a huge penchant of capturing delightful selfies, we have you covered with the finest selfie sticks.

What makes them so unique is the perfect comfort they bring into the play.

Use a stick as a remote camera shutter. Microsoft updated the Lumia Selfie application and the new version includes support for selfie sticks. Those of you who are not ashamed to take selfies with strange accessories can connect a Bluetooth selfie stick and try to snap a photo.

The straight forward answer: How to use a selfie stick? Identify the type of selfie stick you are using. Pair the devices to enable Bluetooth function or inserting it into the jack. Alternatively, set a timer of Bluetooth function is not available. Use camera apps such as Camera for better overall performance optional.

10 Things That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago That We Now Can’t Live Without

May 19, Summary: The best quality wired selfie stick available! Works with most handheld devices. All you have to do is plug it in, smile and press the button on your Selfie on A Stick Wired to snap your selfies and selfWEs! No more stranger danger!

Bluetooth selfie sticks Gorilla Gear Complete Selfie Kit. The Gorilla Gear Selfie Kit was designed for the long haul, and that is most apparent with its lifetime guarantee.

Before , their group selfie wouldn’t have been possible without another photographer, at least. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. And Ferris Bueller is like Truth is, life does move pretty fast. Presidents come and go — even if they’re re-elected — inside the space of a decade. Life moves fast, all right. Here are 10 things that weren’t even around just a decade ago.

Uber Sure, 10 years ago, it was easy enough to find a ride to, say, the airport. It was called getting a taxi. But in , you couldn’t hail a cab with a few taps on your smartphone. And, back then, it wasn’t just some Joe waiting at the curb and ushering you into his Accord. It was a cabbie who probably had an attitude. You had to pay cash, too, and leave a tip. Uber , with its slick app and interconnected fleet of Joe-owned cars, put the brakes on all that.

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