Hitler’s Private Library: The Books That Shaped His Life

Throw dung in her face to make her ugly. She is and she ought to be drowned in baptism She would deserve, the wretch, to be banished to the filthiest place in the house, to the closets. Faith must trample underfoot all reason, sense, and understanding, and whatever it sees must be put out of sight and This is the disease of curiosity. It is this which drives us to try and discover the secrets of nature, those secrets which are beyond our understanding, which can avail us nothing and which man should not wish to learn. Augustine — , one of the “great” church fathers, Confessions “I believe because it is absurd. Eusebius was a 4th century Bishop of Caesarea and Church Historian, considered “the Father of Ecclesiastical History” “Theology is the most certain of all sciences since its source is divine knowledge which cannot be deceived and because of the greater worth of its subject matter, the sublimity of which transcends human reason. There is no need then to assume that God exists.

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In private, it seems, Adolf Hitler was equally unappealing. According to an aide, the German dictator had ‘shocking’ table manners, constantly bit his nails and suffered from a ‘digestive disorder’ that may have resulted in severe flatulence. The secret documents also reveal that he believed official Nazi propaganda about himself and thought ‘he was the greatest military genius of all time’.

Adolf Hitler and his mistress Eva Braun dine in the Fuhrer’s bunker in Berlin in The Fuhrer’s daily routine and ‘uncouth’ behaviour were revealed in notes taken from a captured high-ranking Nazi and handed to a British agent. The typed four-page profile is dated May – the month Hitler died – and states on the front:

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Farago’s list of Bormann’s treasure above has been partially verified by Adam Lebor, as he specifically list the same quantities of gold and diamonds. This brief look at the Bormann treasure transferred to Argentina readily illustrates the difficulty of sorting fact from fiction in the tales of Nazi loot. Author, Uki Goni has also presented proof of the difficulties encountered in relying on Argentina records.

He has found that those records have been purged of incriminating files on at least two different occasions. Several U-Boats arrived in Argentine waters after the capitulation of Germany. They were the carriers of bundles of documents, industrial patents, and securities. The following month, on 17 August, the U also arrived at La Plata. In accordance with international conventions, both U-Boats were interned by Argentina and later handed over to the United States authorities.

Both U , and U from Gruppe Seewolf, had the range for the southernmost landings. No proper investigation of U and U , considering all the declassified material, has been made to this point. The entire history of the final voyages of these two submarines is based on the US Navy interrogation reports of the crews once they arrived as captives in the United States.

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Ang Republika ng Weimar ay nahirapang kumapit sa lipunang Aleman at humarap sa matinding oposisyon mula sa mga ekstremistang kanan right wing at kaliwa left wing. Ang mga moderatong moderate mga partido na nangako ng isang demokratikong parlamentaryong republika ay patuloy na walang kakayahang pigilan ang paglago ng ekstremismo. Ang reperendum ng Alemanya noong ang nagpataas ng kasikatan ng ideolohiyang Nazi. Noong eleksiyon na naganap noong , natalo ang mayoridad majority ng mga moderato na nagresulta sa pagkakabahagi ng dakilang koalisyon at pagpapalit nito ng isang gabineteng minoridad minority.

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Follow It has long been suspected that Hitler’s conquest of Europe was an attempt to compensate for a lack of potency elsewhere. But the notorious playground rhyme about his testicles appears to have only told half the story, as a book claims the leader of the Third Reich had a micropenis. Hitler suffered from a condition called hypospadias which left him with an abnormally small manhood, according to historians Jonathan Mayo and Emma Craigie.

Minute by Minute, they say they have uncovered medical records which confirm the Fuhrer’s embarrassing deformity. The condition is so severe that sufferers have to urinate from a hole at the base of the shaft, instead of the tip. It comes just two months after a German historian said he had found proof that Hitler really did have one testicle , as per the famous playground ditty.

The discovery could offer some explanation as to why Hitler was allegedly afraid of being seen naked and the cause of his famed fits of rage. It also likely to add fuel to the debate on Hitler’s sex life – or lack thereof – which is fiercely contested by historians. In his biography of Hitler, the British historian Ian Kershaw said the Austrian-born Nazi leader was repelled by sexual activity of any kind as he feared catching an infection.

Hitler’s personal doctor, Theodor Morell, is also said to have diagnosed the Fuhrer with hypospadias and had prescribed him with hormones and amphetamines in an attempt to improve his sex drive.

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More links 05Mar10 – Daily Telegraph – Dutch Prince Bernhard ‘was member of Nazi party’ Prince Bernhard, the father of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, was a member of the Nazi party, a new book has claimed, contracting the German-born Dutch war hero’s life-long denials. By Bruno Waterfield in Brussels – 6: He left all the groups on leaving university in December , when he went to work for the German chemical giant, IG Farben.

The prince always denied having been a member of the Nazi party, although he admitted that he briefly had sympathised with Adolf Hitler’s regime. In one of the last interviews he gave before his death in , he said:

Adolf Hitler: Psychological Profile “Hitler is a paranoid messiah caught up in a web of religious delusions. “The Jews are the incarnation of evil, while he is the incarnation of the spirit of good.

Historical accounts[ edit ] Hitler’s sex life has long been the subject of speculation and rumours, many of which were invented or “spiced up” by his political enemies. The evidence that exists about Hitler’s private life is largely from people in his inner circle, such as his adjutants, his secretaries, Albert Speer , the Richard Wagner family, and others.

There is evidence that he had infatuations with a number of women during his lifetime, as well as evidence of his antipathy to homosexuality, and no evidence that he engaged in homosexual behavior. He was afraid of contracting a sexually transmitted infection. When teased about his celibacy during this period, Hitler responded by saying “I’d die of shame looking for sex with a French girl,” and “Have you no German sense of honour left at all?

Speer recalled him stating a preference for unintelligent women who would not challenge him about his work or prevent him from relaxing in his leisure time. He notes that at least three of Hitler’s close female associates Eva Braun , Geli Raubal , and Maria Reiter were far younger than himself: Braun was 23 years younger, Raubal was 19 years younger, and Reiter was 21 years his junior. I had formed the firm conviction that he was impotent, the repressed, masturbating type.

When pro-Nazi foreign women like Unity Mitford visited, Hitler usually lectured them about politics. She began living at his residence after her mother became Hitler’s housekeeper in

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The crime was an act of art, Ulay’s public statement about who he was as an artist, his thoughts on public access to artistic institutions, and the plight of the foreign Turkish workers in Berlin.

Share this article Share Londoner Andrew Spooner, who spotted the takeaway, tweeted: I kid you not. Complete with pic of Hitler in bow tie. Alan Robertson, 43, who lives in Bangkok, said: The craze has seen more and more teenagers strutting around in T-shirts bearing cartoonish images of the Nazi dictator. A shocking new trend has seen Bangkok flooded with cartoonish images of Hitler – including a popular design in which the dictator is merged with red-haired McDonalds mascot Ronald McDonald Incongruous: Cartoon pandas and Teletubbies are among the characters merged with Hitler in the bizarre fashion trend.

The designs feature a characteristic vicious expression and variety of Nazi symbols. Thai Shopkeepers admit that foreign tourists often complain about their Hitler kitsch merchandise – but say the t-shirts are extremely popular with young people In a particularly popular design, Hitler is transformed into a cartoon Ronald McDonald, the fast-food chain’s clown mascot, sporting a bouffant cherry-red hairdo and a stern look.

In September in the northern city of Chiang Mai, a group of high school students showed up for sport day in homemade Nazi uniforms, complete with swastika armbands and toy guns.

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Adolf Hitler was actually a vegetarian, animal-lover, an author, an artist, a political activist, economic reformer and nominated for a Nobel Peace prize. He enacted the world’s first anti-animal cruelty, anti-pollution and anti-smoking laws. Unlike the demonic portrait that history has painted of him, Hitler was beloved by his people and he wanted nothing but peace. By Germany was already going bankrupt to the Jewish financiers and couldn’t continue paying the billion Reichmark war reparations.

Unable to even buy back their own coal from the “allies,” factories began closing and thousands of Germans became unemployed. In as revenge for Germany stopping payment to the Jewish international banksters, they devalued the Papiermark so sharply that within months millions of German families couldn’t afford food or rent. It took a wheelbarrow full of Papiermarks to buy a loaf of bread; thousands of Germans died of starvation.

Stalin and the Jewish Bolsheviks were building concentration camps during this time, using Poland and other neighboring countries as a satellite to attack and takeover German soil. This was the pretext for Hitler’s rise to power. From Hitler tried repeatedly to make peace with the Jews and “allied” forces even calling for complete disarmament on everyone’s part. He was nominated for the Nobel peace prize in , the very year he was attacked on his own soil after repeatedly pleading for peaceful solutions.

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His voice is as quiet as his black tie… He has the sensitive hand of the artist. His eyes are almost the color of the blue larkspur in a vase behind him. Eighty years ago this month, they found a way:

“Reason should be destroyed in all Christians.” — Martin Luther “Whoever wants to be a Christian should tear the eyes out of his reason.” — Martin Luther “Reason is the greatest enemy that faith has; it never comes to the aid of spiritual things, but more frequently than not struggles against the divine Word, treating with contempt all that emanates from God.”.

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Adolf Hitler had poor table manners and suffered flatulence Adolf Hitler had “shocking” table manners, gorged on cake in his bunker and suffered from flatulence, psychological profile documents show. The top secret papers also state Hitler believed Goebbels’ own propaganda about himself and genuinely thought he was the “greatest military genius of all time”. The revelations show Hitler had a “streak of passive masochism” in his relationships with women.

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The facts are these: First, Jewry is absolutely a race and not a religious association. Through thousands of years of the closest kind of inbreeding, Jews have maintained their peculiarities far more distinctly than many of the peoples among whom they have lived. Thus there lives amongst us an alien race that neither wishes to neither sacrifice its racial character nor deny its feeling, thinking, and striving.

Nevertheless, it possesses all the political rights we do. If the ethos of the Jews is revealed in the purely material realm, it is even clearer in their thinking and striving. In their dance around the golden calf the value of the individual is no longer decided by his character but by the size of his fortune.

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